Chocolate Diamondz

Stories of Hope

Chocolate Diamondz was created to Uplift women of all color(s) both Spiritually & Emotionally through Prayer & Love. Chocolate Diamondz offer Sister hood bonds...we read, laugh, & pray together we give Beauty, Fashion & Make-up tips not limited to Physical tips so every Woman know's & feel's Beautiful inside & out. We motivate & empower to know your "Self Worth" to be Victorious to triumph every challenge in life we face. Our main focus is to help Teen-age Mothers & we aim to Empower them by offering job search skills  & encourage working Mothers motto. We encourage Employment & have work clothing donated to us so we are able to show them how to dress for interviews as well as work. We will also offer hair services free of charge because we truly believe if you look good you feel good. We want our young Mothers to know just because you have a baby doesn't mean you can't be successful. We want them to know and Believe ALL things are possible by GOD's Grace.

About Us

Leading Girls to Woman-hood through Empowerment & encouraging Entrepreneurship A Virtuous Woman created by GOD... Dana "Dynasty" Powell a Chocolate Diamond

CEO & Founder Dana "Dynasty" Powell

Founded in October 2010, Chocolate Diamondz is a nonprofit organization that encourages homeless teen mothers' to continue with their education & assist in seeking employment opportunities by providing job readiness programs & services that provide day care information. We also help our homeless teen mothers by:

  • Providing help & uplifting women to know their "Self Worth", to Motivate &  Empower each other.

  •  To triumph life's challenges by Encouraging & Giving Love

  • To teach Independence through Prayer & Love.

  • We also extend a helping hand to Teen-age Mother(s) by teaching job skills & also how to dress for interviews.

  • We strive to prevent women from needing Government assistance by showing them ways to become Independent & self sufficient.

  • Help provide Daycare assistance

We want to Empower these young Ladies to show them that being a Mother doesn't mean you can't succeed. With Prayer & Love they will always be Successful. Our Mission statement is "Turning "Baby Moma's into Business Women"